Welcome to my website, slaves and lonely men. Take your time and look around, but don’t forget you’re in my lair so be prepared to worship your dark goddess with your blood, soul, and of course your wallet. Beware, mortals, as I will drain you dry until you are only a husk and then with just nothing stronger than a breath you will be gone.

If you are both generous and intelligent, and well spoken…or perhaps so awkward that you arouse that small part of me that feels pity, then I may grace you with my time, conversation and perhaps if you’re very lucky, some pleasure…or perhaps not. My moods are capricious, so work hard to please me and don’t try to get favors you haven’t earned.

Often I become a towering giantess instead who looks down upon you as I would a bug crawling across the ground, and just like a bug I’ll simply crush you under my feet. Or perhaps I feel like a snack instead? Little men like you are so delightfully tasty that it’s hard to decide if I want to crunch you like candy or swallow you whole.

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