Welcome to my domain, here my most dedicated servants hope I will make all their darkest desires come alive. 

Those who prove themselves with their submission, utter obedience, and offerings may get just that! Assuming you have made your presence tolerable I will expertly combine pleasure and pain into an exquisite session leaving you wanting nothing more than to worship at my feet again and again.

Devote yourself to me and in your service we can explore all your desires. Your fantasies will only truly come alive when you explore them with a strong dominant Goddess. You already know only I can mold those desires and make them more than you ever dreamed they could be.

I know fantasies are running through your mind right now.

What are they?

Sissy Training

I am your Giantess towering above you showing you exactly how small and insignificant you are.

I train sissy’s to be the good girl they secretly know they are. You will love those frilly panties I make you wear.

I am the Mistress that knows how badly you need your cock and balls to hurt, you will feel it for days.


You know that penis is practically nonexistent, but to hear it from me makes it crystal clear on those days you think maybe it isn’t so small.

Your money likes me better than you. All you think about is handing it over to make us all happier. A second job would make me more interested in taking it.

Do you have a different fetish? Earn the right to have me hear all about it!

Start by getting my attention with a worthy offering. Then with my interest piqued I may enjoy exploring all you offer me. When I’m pleased then your fantasies can truly come to life.