Welcome To My Lair (Intro Post)

Welcome to my site and I hope you choose to stay, or perhaps I should say that I hope you choose to stay and serve me as I deserve but after all that’s why we’re both here now isn’t it?
You have a need to serve someone superior to yourself and I have realized my own natural superiority and might graciously allow you to please me.Intelligence is something I desire in my slaves and submissives, yes even in my financial subs. After all, you must have at least a modicum of common sense because you’ve realized that your money really belongs to me.
I suspect that I’ve always known about my dominant personality though when I was younger I attempted to subjugate this in an effort to fit more into societies acceptable mold of behavior for women though it’s doubtful that I was very successful at that.Just ask my parents…or my exes.
Have you read my About Me? If not go do so now as I have no desire to repeat myself.
First confession-I’m very bad about writing so this blog will most likely be sporadic but keep an eye for new posts boys.
On that note I’m calling it good for the day but I’ll try and post again soon…possibly.

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