Time To Actually Start Blogging

I truly am a bad blogger as I haven’t updated my site since…holy crap May 2017 and I’ve got a whopping 3 posts total lol but I plan to get back in the swing of things starting with this post where I write about not writing thus showing you really can write about anything so I have no excuse.
Life has been quite busy and I’ll admit that anything technological even something as simple as this isn’t my forte, to say the least. I’m going to do a semi-commitment to one new post on here a week about a variety of subjects not only fetishes and sexual stuff but also my life in general, as well as some random stuff…even, possibly say it isn’t true.. the dreaded Political Shit. For your sake, I hope not but it could happen haha so we’ll see what brain droppings fall out but be prepared as I’m not only a Domme and cam model but also a person and a fairly weird one or so say people who know me in person. In all honesty, people who just talk to me online say the same after any length of time.

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