Bow before me, tiny human…

Hear my steps, feel them shake the ground under your feet. Feel a chill run through your body as I come closer and closer to your small insignificant form. My feet are so close to you, you are nothing next to them. Look up, take me in hovering high above you. I’m looking down on you with a knowing grin, waiting. Waiting for you to fully realize how insignificant you are to me, a bug.

I watch you look around considering your options, you have none! You are at my mercy, and well, there’s just no hope for you. If you are lucky you may be my entertainment for a bit. My foot lifts and moves to you. My toe makes contact pushing you off your feet. You land hard making me laugh. How long will I toy with you before deciding your fate? You can never know, you don’t want to, I am your goddess all you can do is submit to my will.

You tiny little fool, how dare you enter my domain. Should I crush you? I could eat you, crunch your bones or swallow you whole. You are so tiny you are hardly worth the effort. Your fragile little bones would get stuck between my teeth.

 Speak fool why are you here?

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