Submissive Application For Goddess Morgana DelRay

Fill out all areas below to the best of your ability. Sloppy or incomplete forms will not be considered.

A $25 tribute is required before I will consider taking you into my service, however, it isn’t a guarantee that I will find you acceptable for any position.

To make your tribute, click the “Pay Tribute” button below, then click the “Purchase” button on the payment page.

Then once your payment has been made, come back here and fill out the application.

Once you have paid tribute, put either skype id, email, or name used in the space provided below so that I know that you’ve paid.

I do not offer in-person slave positions. Pricing will vary depending on the position selected as well as time amount. The initial tribute is NOT included.
Periods longer than 3 months may be negotiated depending on how impressed I was with your performance.
I will not be at your beck and call nor will I be doing favors. If at any time I find you to be disrespectful or disobedient, I will terminate your contract and no refunds will be given, regardless of the amount of time remaining.