Toilet Fetish Cam Shows (coming soon)

The following shows can ONLY be purchased using Cryptocurrency do to rules of the standard site payment processors and age verification is required. I am in the process of setting up this option and it will be available in the near future.


Do you crave the ultimate humiliation? Do you need to explore the absolute lowest depths into which a man and I use that term loosely can sink? Than the place for you is to be used as my human toilet where you can watch me in the bathroom and realize that in fact that toilet is you.

Perhaps you’re a fan of Efros  and just wish to share this intimate time with me instead? That’s fine as well.

Toilet Fetish shows are a flat $150 and last however long it takes to complete my bathroom time. All activities will take place in the toilet only. As timing for this type of content is difficult to plan in advance customers interested in this fetish will need to be on my Skype or Discord contact list in order to be notified when it will occur. All shows will be done using Discord. In no instance will enemas or other cleansing items or products be used so your schedule must be flexible.



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